4 thoughts on “Gear-NotFlat”

  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’ve installed the landing gear backward. The skids point in the other direction.


    1. Holy crap! It does appear that way. I’m just going to go with the excuse that it was only the second model I did. I think that I’ll check and see if I can gently remove them and put them on the way they’re supposed to go.


  2. It’s an easy mistake to make, and you’re not the only one to have done it 🙂
    I’m just finishing up my own kit – just a bit of final weathering/grime to do now – , and I have to say, this kit had possibly the worst decals I’ve ever experienced. Half of them simply disintegrated. Fortunately, I got most on and I can cover up the missing bits with some carefully placed blaster hits 😀
    Good luck with the skids.


    1. The 1/1000 scale Enterprise Refit was the worst decal one for me. I haven’t done a write up on it, but there were so many decals that they might as well have been wall paper. As for the landing gear, I tried to remove them last night, but they’re in there pretty good. I’ll see if I can get some superglue remover or something so I can reposition them. Thanks for the heads up, because I know I’ll be doing another one of those at some point.


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