I quickly discovered that there were TONS of places that had really awesome places to shop, so I decided to start collecting the URLs here.  Of course, that meant that I needed to categorize everything because well… there are a lot of things to buy if you’re going to work on models.  In some cases, usually if I’ve actually dealt with the site, I’ll add a comment.  If your favorite shopping site isn’t listed here, please feel free to comment and I can add it in.

Sites that sell Models: I’ve purchased aftermarket parts from this site. I thought that prices were pretty good and while I haven’t tried the parts yet, they certainly do look good. Or The bad-azz models look really nice, but they do have a price to match, so I haven’t actually bought anything from them. OR  Resin models. Let me say that they have many, many satisfied customers.  I only bought one thing from them and I was… less than satisfied.  That being said, they have a good rep and a number of cool models, so I’m sure I’ll be giving them another try.

Lighting and Electronics: TenaControls makes the light kit I used in my Polar Lights Enterprise 1/1000 Refit kit.  It was the first lit model I ever did, and Ralph at TenaControls was INCREDIBLY helpful, both via email and even over the phone.  So I highly recommend their products.  I purchased a light kit for my Defiant model from them, but I haven’t built it yet, so I don’t know how good the kit is.  I can say that I thought the price was reasonable and that the kit seems to be complete.

Painting Supplies:

(Many of these stores have lots of other model kits and supplies)

General Modeling Supplies:

How-Tos, Galleries, Shows and Other Info: This guy does some AMAZING work! Check out his site! Some useful paint chart/numbering info from Vallejo Paints

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